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The Importance of Storytelling

Brittany Maynard and her Great Dane Charlie late 2013 (1)Telling our personal stories can be powerful. As a direct result of one woman’s courageous decision to share her ordeal with the world, the end-of-life choice movement has gained unprecedented momentum culminating in the passage of the End of Life Option Act in California.

Brittany Maynard’s story has been vital to our recent success in California and across the nation. Your story could be the one on which our work continues to build.

We are creating a nation-wide database of stories and a network of storytellers to help us make the case for improving end-of-life care and influencing community leaders and policy makers.

Nothing advances our common cause like the power of stories because stories are how we interpret and understand the world around us. When we tell our stories, we can connect people to our work in ways they’ve never experienced before. And connecting with people can move them to action.

Please complete the form to the right to tell us about difficulties you’ve experienced with our current healthcare system or tools that helped you overcome obstacles. We know your stories are very personal, so rest assured that we will not publicize your story until we have spoken to you and you give your final approval.

Thank you for your willingness to share your story.

Share Your Story:

I am terminally ill and I want medical aid in dying as an option in my state

I am in the medical profession and I support the full range of end-of-life choices

I am a member of the clergy and I support the full range of end-of-life choices

I am in the medical profession and I'd like to share what I've seen about end-of-life care

I (or a family member) received unwanted medical care against my wishes

I (or a family member) was not FULLY INFORMED OF all of the treatment options available

I have a life threatening illness and I have chosen a treatment plan that puts me in the driver's seat of my treatment

I have a story to tell that does not fit any of the previous options

Share my story in writing

Record or videotape a first person account

Be trained to share my story in public and in the media

Meetings with legislators