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The Conversation Project’ Shifts to End-of-Life Care

By Maggy Patrick
ABC News
August 15, 2012

After her mother died in May 2012, magazine publisher Nadine Epstein and her son traveled to Deal, N.J., to have a conversation with her father about his end-of-life care.

Epstein, 55, and some of her family members disagreed on what their mother would have wanted at the time of her death, mostly because they each had a different impression of her wishes. Epstein wanted to have a different experience with her dad.

“It wasn’t always easy not knowing exactly what mom wanted, especially throughout her last days,” said Epstein, publisher of Washington, D.C.-based Moment magazine.”There were definitely disagreements among the children, about what she wanted …

“As a group we all figured it out as best we could. But I would say we muddled through it. It would have been lovely not to have muddled through it, and I would love not to muddle through it in the future.”

The Conversation Project,” in partnership with ABC News, is starting a national conversation with the modern U.S. family about what each of us wants toward the end of our years. “The Conversation” on ABC’s “World News with Diane Sawyer” is about preparing family members for an emotional journey beyond end-of-life directives and insurance policies. It’s estate planning for the soul. More