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End Unwanted Medical Treatment

umt_signIt’s time to end unwanted medical treatment and unnecessary suffering.

Too many Americans agree to tests and treatments while hospitalized and in a fog of stress and confusion — without fully understanding either the procedures’ purpose or their potential outcomes, best- or worst-case. These tests and treatments can cause additional and unnecessary discomfort and pain, often without offering any true benefits. Compassion & Choices is committed to ending the cycle of unwanted medical treatment (UMT), so we’re joining forces with 19 major healthcare and aging organizations to ensure every terminally ill American has their choices respected at the end of life.

Want to learn more about UMT? Download Our Unwanted Medical Treatment Literature.

The Campaign to End Unwanted Medical Treatment focuses policymakers on providing access to — and educating the public about — a full range of healthcare options, promoting advance directives and their implementation, and ensuring reimbursement rules reward treatment that honors patients’ wishes. Whether you are ill, have a loved one with advanced illness or simply believe patients should determine their own course of treatment, we hope you’ll join the Campaign to End Unwanted Medical Treatment today.

Compassion & Choices is one of 19 organizations collaborating to ensure patients receive precisely the care they want — nothing less and nothing more. Click here to visit EndUMT.org now.

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