Truth in Treatment is an initiative founded by Compassion & Choices to give people with life-threatening illnesses the support, opportunity and courage to live life to the fullest even as illnesses advance.

This consumer-driven initiative empowers and educates patients so they can make fully informed healthcare decisions and live their remaining time on their own terms.

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Using extensive research with patients, family caregivers and healthcare professionals, Compassion & Choices equips people with tools to work better with their doctors so they can make treatment decisions that allow them to live their lives as fully as possible. Truth in Treatment helps people to:

  • Take charge of their own treatment plan, working in collaboration with their doctor
  • Ask questions about the pros and cons of tests and treatments
  • Factor quality of life into treatment decisions
  • Engage in ongoing dialogue with their doctors and support network about their goals for treatment.

As more people initiate honest conversations and make informed treatment decisions that align with their values and priorities, it will become the norm, rather than the exception, that patients’ voices are heard in medical settings. We want to inspire a movement that empowers all people — especially those with life-threatening illnesses — to challenge the health system so the end of life is a human, family-centered experience again.

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As part of the Truth in Treatment initiative, we’ve created two tools to help people take charge of their healthcare:

The Trust Card helps you build a trusting doctor-patient relationship by clearly conveying your values in a respectful and friendly manner.

The Diagnosis Decoder helps you prepare for your doctor visit. Questions tailored to your needs help you get the complete information you deserve.