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Update on our efforts in Connecticut

An update to our supporters in Connecticut

Compassion & Choices Multi-State Campaign and Outreach Manager sent the following email to our Connecticut supporters this week:


I wanted to give you an update on our campaign in Connecticut. This year, the legislature is hosting a short session that extends for only a few short months, and the state budget is currently occupying the time of the state legislature. These circumstances make it unlikely an aid-in-dying bill will be proposed this year.

I know that for many this is disappointing, however that does not mean we are out of this fight. We are going to continue to be active and engaged in creating change here in Connecticut to carry momentum into next year’s session.

We are prepared to build on our success next year, and we need your help to grow our ranks and increase the number of Connecticut supporters. Sign our petition in favor of expanding end-of-life options in Connecticut and commit to help build support this year.

Over the next year, we’ll continue to grow our list of dedicated supporters like you who are willing to help educate the public on this issue. We will also continue the vital work of educating key stakeholders in this debate, like the Connecticut Medical Society and the Connecticut Hospice Association.

Though the new legislative session won’t start until next year, we are not wasting a moment in our efforts to win the votes that will put us over the top.

Renew your commitment to end-of-life options by signing our petition today. Click the link below to sign on:


Talk to you soon,


Tim Appleton
Multi-State Campaign and Outreach Manager

If you live in Connecticut, make sure you sign our petition and send it to your friends!