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Update on Rhode Island’s death-with-dignity bill

Compassionate Care Act heard by committee

Today we sent the following message to our supporters in Rhode Island:

I’m writing to update you on this week’s hearing and the status of the Lila Sapinsley Compassionate Care Act. As you may know, the bill, which would authorize medical aid in dying in Rhode Island, was discussed in a hearing held by the House Health Committee this week.

Our witnesses from across the state delivered powerful testimony in support of the bill. The Compassionate Care Act’s sponsor, Rep. Edith Ajello, spoke about the painful deaths terminally ill people have been forced to endure and our local supporters shared stories of their loved ones.

The committee members listened respectfully to our testimony and arguments in support of the bill, but it was clear that we have work to do to educate them on the need for expanded end-of-life options. That’s where you can help right now!

Write the committee and tell them you support the Compassionate Care Act using our quick and easy online tool.

Those opposed to medical aid in dying were on hand and visible: they held a rally immediately before the hearing and flew operatives into Providence from across the country. Even so, turnout from our supporters matched theirs.

But legislative testimony will not be enough to succeed. To convince the committee to hold a vote on the Compassionate Care Act, we’ll need to show that medical aid in dying has support from all parts of the state. If you support death with dignity, now is the time to take action and urge the committee to pass the bill.

Click the link below to email the committee and ask them to pass the Compassionate Care Act:


Direct contact with legislators played a huge role in last year’s passage of California’s End of Life Option Act. Make your voice heard and Rhode Island could be next. Please feel free to include a personal story in your message. It’s impossible to overstate the resonance of personal testimony when appealing to lawmakers.

Thanks for all you do,


Tim Appleton
Multi-State Campaign and Outreach Manager

If you like in Rhode Island, take action today to fight for death with dignity!