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Urge the Senate Judiciary Committee to oppose SB360

A new bill has been introduced in the State Senate (SB360) that would allow the state of Montana to fine and imprison doctors for writing a prescription for aid-in-dying medication for a terminally ill adult who requests it to peacefully end their suffering. This could invalidate the Montana Supreme Court’s decision in Baxter v. Montana that authorizes medical aid in dying in the state.

You can add a personal story of how you came to support medical aid in dying in the open text box in the middle of the letter. It’s hard to overstate how powerful personal stories are when speaking to your lawmakers.

Complete the form on this page to demand that your lawmaker oppose this dishonest bill. SB360 must be defeated today.

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I urge you to protect doctors, defend medical aid in dying and vote NO on HB 536
I urge you and the rest of the Senate Judiciary Committee to oppose SB 360.

This bill is a cynical attempt to undermine the Montana Supreme Court's Baxter decision and penalizes doctors for providing compassionate end-of-life care to their dying patients.

I believe that important healthcare decisions, especially those concerning the end of life, should be between a patient, their family and their doctor. This is not a place for government intervention or the personal opinions of lawmakers.
I strongly oppose SB 360 and this dishonest attempt to undermine the Montana Supreme court and hope you will too.