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Video: Threats to DC Law Transcript

Overview: Congressional opponents of medical aid in dying are once again attempting to impose their values on district residents whom they do not represent. Despite the strong support for this legislation, Congressman Harris has introduced an amendment to repeal the law, which the House Appropriations Committee approved on July 13. The introduction and passage of this amendment was an abuse of the appropriations process, and it will result in needless suffering if both houses of Congress pass it, invalidating the D.C Death with Dignity Act.   

Goal of the Document: This document is meant specifically and exclusively for the “Fact Check” video.

Intro Card:  FACT CHECK: On July 13, Rep. Harris (R-MD) introduced an amendment to repeal the D.C. Death with Dignity Act. Here are the facts…


… it has to do with something that the District of Columbia did and that is it passed a physician assisted suicide act.


That a physician declaring that they believe that someone is gonna die within six months, you have the right to write them a lethal prescription. A prescription that will kill them. Suicide.


The bill is described as death with dignity. There’s nothing dignified about suicide ever in my belief. Nothing.


The fact is that 25 percent of people who request these have depression. I went to medical school. The treatment for depression was not death.


Now think of it. Last week under the DC bill a physician could say, “Ya’ know what? You have large cell B-cell lymphoma. You have less than six months to live. Boom. Here’s your lethal dose.


People come to Washington for a couple of reasons. One is they come to the NIH because we believe that we can actually cure disease and treat people.

The other thing they’re gonna come to Washington for we don’t pass the bill, they’re gonna come to get a lethal injection.


I won’t go through how, because this policy in DC differs from other states that have done it, which makes it an even worse policy the way it’s done here.


We have Article 1 Section 8 authority. Under the Home Rule Act we have the absolute ability to judge anything that the District of Columbia does that we think is bad, bad policy. Mr. Chairman, this is really bad policy. So I’m gonna move my amendment.

ASK: Please visit www.compassionandchoices.org/protect-dc-law to tell your congressperson to vote no on any attempts to repeal the D.C. Death with Dignity Act.