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“We have made our peace with family, friends and God..”

Over Right Truth, blogger Debbie Hamilton has penned a thoughtful post on understanding the difference between Death With Dignity as a legal issue and as an issue of religion.

Debbie writes:

Let’s say that you, or I, have a fatal disease, no possibility of recovery, we are in severe pain, and we want to die.  We have made our peace with family, friends and God and do not want to suffer any longer.  We have made our wishes known verbally and legally via the appropriate legal documents.  Short of shooting ourselves in the head with our trusty side-arm, we wish to simply go to sleep and not wake up again.

Most of us do not have the medical knowledge to know what to take or how much to take to get the job done.  Enter the ‘assist’ to our death with dignity.  Let’s not confuse doctor assisted suicide, death with dignity, and suicide, from a religious and from a legal point of view, these are very different.

Debbie makes a fascinating point.  There are individuals who have difficulty separating the religious doctrine from the strictly legal.  And when it comes to deciding issues personal to our own lives, those decisions are best kept with the individual, and protected under the law.

Read the rest of Debbie’s post here.