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People in nontraditional relationships can face additional challenges at the end of life, so it’s even more crucial to prepare an advance directive and possibly a Hospital Visitation Authorization form. Talk to your loved ones, appoint a representative, and put it all in writing right now.

More Important Documents

Sectarian Healthcare Directive

This addendum clarifies that admission to a religiously affiliated facility does not imply consent to care mandated by the institution’s religious policies and directs a transfer if the facility will not follow the preferences in an advance directive.

Values Worksheet

This worksheet includes questions to consider as you make decisions and prepare documents concerning your healthcare preferences.

Dementia Provision

This includes language one can add to any advance directive that advises physicians and family of the wishes of a patient with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

My Particular Wishes

This informs your physician, nurse or other care provider of your consent or refusal of certain specific therapies.

Hospital Visitation Form

This gives unmarried couples hospital visitation authorization from their partner.

A Letter to My Doctor

Find out if your doctor will respect your end-of-life wishes now, before it is too late.

Additional Information

Varying degrees of legal partnership and marital status exist in the States for LGBTQ. Careful end-of-life planning will help ensure that patients know and understand all end-of-life care options and wishes.  Lambda Legal has a comprehensive, state-by-state listing of the nationwide status for same-sex couples.

Compassion & Choices creates an atmosphere free from judgment where everyone can talk about, and come to terms with, the difficult issues surrounding death and dying. Unlike most end-of-life organizations, we are not a religious organization; nor do we promote one ethical or belief system. We honor all people as individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, race, or any other category.  Call 1-800-247-7421 to find out more about planning for the future

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