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Hallada v. Lakeland

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Compassion & Choices is co-counsel in an ongoing case seeking damages from a hospital and nursing home whose staff members failed to honor the patient’s advance directive.

Marjorie Mangiaruca was 91, had lived a long, full life and told her daughter Sharon Hallada she was ready die when the time came.

Before Marjorie’s dementia became acute, she entrusted Sharon with medical decision-making. Sharon made sure a doctor signed a “do-not-resuscitate” order (DNR). But her medical providers let Marjorie’s DNR fall through the cracks. When she experienced a heart attack, instead of a peaceful death, Marjorie was subjected to aggressive resuscitation.

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Emergency medical technicians performed CPR on Marjorie and cut a hole in her neck to insert a tube to force air into her lungs. They injected drugs to restart her heart and to paralyze her so she wouldn’t fight back.

Sharon was then faced with a heartbreaking choice. Should she keep the breathing tube in place — knowing it contradicted her mother’s wishes — or ask doctors to remove it and let her die? A few days after the failures of the hospital and nursing home robbed Marjorie of the natural death she had hoped for, doctors followed Sharon’s direction to remove the tube. Marjorie’s dying process continued, stretching out over five more long days.

Compassion & Choices represents Sharon in this case against Lakeland Regional Medical Center and Oakbridge Healthcare Center in Florida. The hospital failed in its duty to Marjorie by not transmitting her DNR at discharge; Oakbridge failed its duty to ascertain if this extremely elderly, seriously ill patient had documented her wishes for life-prolonging treatment. The complaint alleges these failures resulted in violation of Marjorie’s wishes for end-of-life care, and that she was subjected to aggressive, invasive resuscitation and other interventions despite her clear instructions against such treatment. After several long years of litigation, the Hallada case is going to trial.  The jury trial will take place during October of 2015. Lakeland Regional Medical Center continues to deny all responsibility for this patient’s unwanted resuscitation.

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The news release about the case is available here.

The complaint is available here.

The motion to dismiss brief is available here.

The brief opposing the motion to dismiss is available here.

The court’s rejection of the motion to dismiss is available here.

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