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Stop Unwanted Medical Treatment

Why should providers inflict interventions their patients don’t want?

Too many endure invasive tests and treatments in their last days and hours. Advance directives, intended to prevent unwanted treatment, are regularly ignored or overridden. It’s time to get providers to focus on what patients want and make sure they deliver it.

Our client Margaret Furlong went to the hospital at age 82 armed with her advance directive. She presented the document to the admitting doctors and relied on it to prevent invasive rescue procedures if she collapsed. But when she went into cardiac arrest, that is exactly what she got. A full code restarted her heart and lungs, and she awoke in the intensive care unit. When she pulled on the tubes, they tied her hands. When she squeezed her son’s hand and tried to tell him she wanted the machines turned off, they overrode her pleas.  

After ten days tethered to machines and tubes, Margaret’s condition continued to decline and doctors agreed to disconnect life support. Medicare paid the entire bill without ever questioning whether treatment was consistent with Margaret’s wishes, or whether it should never have happened under her advance directive.

Compassion & Choices is working to make the case that in a patient-centered model, unwanted treatment should not occur and should not be reimbursed. Our newest campaign aims to focus providers on patients, not procedures.

What can you do?

We need your help to raise awareness of this problem and make advance directives more effective. Sign our petition. Tell lawmakers they have a responsibility to the public to ensure that patients’ wishes are honored.

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Compassion & Choices CPO Mickey MacIntyre testifies before the Institute of Medicine on the problem of unwanted medical treatment (video)

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