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Vermont’s Governor signed the Patient Choice and Control at End of Life Act less than two years ago, and stories of how it is benefitting Vermonters are now coming in.

The aid-in-dying law in Vermont is gradually being implemented and the state’s Department of Health is monitoring its use. A total of 13 aid-in-dying prescriptions have been written under Act 39, and now family and friends of two Vermonters who took the medication have spoken publicly about the experience, characterizing it as peaceful. Certainly many more Vermonters have achieved comfort and peace of mind because of the law, and countless more will. C&C continues to educate the public and health care communities, and is actively working to protect this end-of-life option during the 2015 legislative session.

Forms for Patients and Physicians

Compassion & Choices Vermont provides information about aid-in-dying to you, your patients, and other medical providers. Our Medical Directors are available to answer your questions. We can help coordinate the aid-in-dying process and can provide all the information you need to comply with the law.

If you have never participated in this legal process or need a review you may want to read the Compassion & Choices Vermont Physician Guide.

You can read the entire Vermont Aid-in-Dying Law here.

Click here for advice on how to talk to your doctor about the Vermont law.

Prescribing (“Attending”) Physicians

These are the forms the state requires you to complete. We provide instructions to complete the form and the entire legal process.

Physician Reporting Form

Consulting Physician Reporting Form

Patient Request for Medication Form

Instructions for Completing These Forms


Vermont Advance Directive

If your end-of-life plans aren’t in place yet, follow the link below to find the most recent forms and resources for end-of-life planning.

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