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Write a Letter to the Editor

Writing letters to the editor is a great way to help Compassion & Choices. They are one of the best ways to help educate people in your community about the importance of death with dignity and to show lawmakers their constituents support end-of-life autonomy.

A well-written, timely letter can shift public opinion and influence policy.

4 tips for writing letters to the editor

1. Send your letter as soon as possible — ideally, within 48 hours of the piece you reference.

2. Keep your letter concise — one to three points in 200 words or less.

3. Close with a thought for readers to remember.

4. Mention compassionandchoices.org or our toll-free number: 800 247 7421.

Message Points

These are the most important and most convincing points support the importance of access to aid in dying.

• Americans are free to choose how they live – and when the time comes, how they die.

• End-of-life choices should be left to the individual, his family and doctor. The choices should be guided by medical standards, not the whims of politicians.

• Support for end-of-life choice is consistently strong – in red states, in blue states, across demographic groups and religions; this strong support has held steady for two decades.

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