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Youssef Cohen’s Story

We sent the following email to our New York supporters today. Watch Youssef’s video and then RSVP for lobby day on May 10:


Our May 10 lobby day is approaching, and I hope you will join us in advocating for medical aid-in-dying legislation being considered in Albany.

The January lobby day was a huge success – we were noticed by the press and throughout the Capitol by lawmakers and other advocates – but we still have the hard work of changing minds ahead of us.

One of our supports, Youssef Cohen, was forced to choose between dying a painful and difficult death at home, or leaving the city he loved so much to move to a state where aid in dying is authorized.

No New Yorker should have to make the heart-wrenching decision Youssef was forced to make. Click here to watch Youssef tell his story, and then sign up to attend our lobby day to fight for the rights of New Yorkers like him.

Youssef, a former NYU professor, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2012. Though he fought the cancer for years with aggressive chemotherapy and painful surgeries, Youssef eventually ran out of medical options. And because New York has yet to authorize medical aid in dying, he did not have the option of ending his life painlessly.

One week after creating this video, Youssef and his wife moved to Oregon to take advantage of its aid-in-dying law. Less than a week later he died peacefully, and though he did not avail himself of life-ending medication, he was comforted to be in a state where it’s not illegal to obtain it.

Youssef’s message to lawmakers is simple: New York should pass a law that provides access to medical aid in dying. It’s a message that our representatives in Albany need to hear, and we can only get that message out to lawmakers with the help of dedicated supporters like you.

Help us honor Youssef’s memory by joining us for lobby day and helping to convince your legislators to support aid-in-dying legislation.

Click the link below to watch Youssef’s video and RSVP for our lobby day next month:


I share Youssef’s love of New York, and that’s why I’m fighting so hard to ensure that terminally ill people need not decide between a painful death and leaving this great state behind.

Thanks for watching,


Corinne Carey
NY Campaign Director