Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Learn more about our work with the AAPI community. New Mexico is now the 11th jurisdiction to authorize medical aid in dying – Learn more.

City of Hope Presents: Aid in Dying Medications & the Clinical Competencies of Prescribing //

May 6, 2021 // 12:15 p.m. PT


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Amanda Baudanza  

Amanda Baudanza’s husband, TJ Baudanza, suffered a prolonged and painful death from colon cancer at the age of 32.

“The absence of the option of medical aid in dying in Massachusetts robbed my husband of peace of mind.”

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Roger Kligler, M.D.  

Roger Kligler is a retired physician in Falmouth, MA, living with prostate cancer.

“I want this option to be clearly authorized in Massachusetts in my lifetime—for me, for you, for everyone.”

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