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Ana Romero  

Ana Romero was sued by her husband's family in an attempt to take away her authority to make healthcare decisions for him when he fell ill.

“I wish Fernando would have had an advance directive so our family could have avoided a bitter legal battle over whether to keep him alive artificially.”

Elaine S. Saunders  

Elaine S. Saunders, chair of the Genevieve N. Johnson Senior Day Care Center Advisory Council, explains the importance of having an Advance Directive

“Protect your legacy. Get your affairs in order. Make a plan and share it with your loved ones–I have.”

Carrie Framsted  

Carrie Framsted's wife, Monica K. Schliep, died in February 2020 after struggling and suffering with pancreatic cancer.

“There’s nothing more pivotal in supporting medical aid in dying than experiencing the unnecessary suffering of a loved one in their last days.”

Nothing advances our common cause of improving end-of-life care like real stories. Inspire others and drive change by sharing your story today.

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Tell Your Story

The power of personal stories is undeniable. Inspire others and drive change by sharing your story today. Join our network of storytellers to help educate and empower those seeking the best possible healthcare.

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