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In December 2016, the Colorado End-of-Life Options Act went into effect and we immediately launched our bilingual access campaign. As part of our bilingual access campaign, we’ve launched a simple Find Care tool for Colorado, to allow Coloradans to easily find a healthcare facility supportive of patient choice. This is the latest effort in our campaign to inform and empower terminally ill adults to get the care and the end-of-life experience that they want.

If you’re a terminally ill Coloradan who would like to access the law, use our new Find Care tool to locate a health care team that will honor your end-of-life values.


In 2016, Compassion & Choices and the Compassion & Choices Action Network made the strategic decision to support a ballot initiative in Colorado. Compassion & Choices lent its policy know-how and deep understanding of aid-in-dying laws to work with petitioners to draft the proposed statute, while the Compassion & Choices Action Network provided important financial resources to foster an effective on-the-ground advocacy effort.

Bolstered by funds provided by Compassion & Choices Action Network – Colorado (CCAN-CO), the Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options committee organized the citizen-led campaign for Proposition 106 after two narrowly failed attempts by the Colorado Legislature to pass the measure, in spite of multiple public polls showing overwhelming support.


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/ February 20, 2018

Latinos unen Sus Fuerzas Para Ayudar a Expandir el Acceso a la Ley Opciones al Final de la Vida” Para Residentes Moribundos de Colorado

Los latinos se unieron hoy para impulsar el apoyo a un mejor acceso a la ley Opciones al Final de la Vida, que autoriza a los enfermos terminales de Colorado a usar la ayuda médica para morir y terminar así, pacíficamente, con su sufrimiento insoportable. Una mayoría abrumadora de residentes de Colorado (65%) votó por […]

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/ February 20, 2018

Latinos Join Forces to Help Expand Access to the End-of-Life Options Act for Dying Coloradans

Latinos joined forces today to urge support for improved access to the Colorado End-of-Life Options Act that authorizes terminally ill Coloradans to utilize medical aid in dying to peacefully end unbearable suffering. An overwhelming majority of Coloradans (65%) voted for the End-of-Life Options Act in 2016, including a majority of Latinos. The law gives mentally […]

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