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End-of-Life Information Center

Compassion & Choices offers a variety of resources to help people make end-of-life plans, in collaboration with their healthcare providers and loved ones.

Taking this step is absolutely necessary to ensure you get what you want – and avoid enduring anything you don’t – even if you’re unable to speak for yourself. Compassion & Choices supports people with two vital services: End-of-Life Information Center and End-of-Life Consultation Service.

We provide easy-to-access tools for planning for a variety of circumstances late in life.

Browse through our comprehensive resources to get started, and contact us at [email protected] if you would like more information.

These resources may also be helpful in deciding end-of-life care priorities:

End-of-Life Care: Commonly Used Terms
Short descriptions of frequently used terms in end-of-life policy and planning discussions.

End of Life: Options for Care and Choice
Easy-to-understand descriptions of available options for dying people to request care that minimizes their suffering and increases comfort. This includes pain and symptom management, hospice and declining treatment.

Tools to Manage End-of-Life Care
Compassion & Choices’ (C&C) one-stop shop for advance healthcare planning and end-of-life information and forms.