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Doctors for Dignity is a community of physicians from across the country speaking out in support for a full range of options at the end of life, including medical aid in dying.

We provide the tools and information you need to effectively communicate with lawmakers, the media and the public.


/ July 19, 2017

Support for Medical Aid in Dying Rising Among Doctors

Physician support is a vital component of passing and implementing medical aid-in-dying laws, and according to two recent online surveys by Medscape, it’s only been growing in recent years. Medscape’s latest online survey found that 58 percent of 300 doctors in states without medical aid-in-dying laws said they had been in a situation in which […]

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/ June 7, 2017

A Call To The Palliative Care Community For A Patient-Centered Response To Medical Aid In Dying

This piece originally appeared on the March 15, 2017 Health Affairs Blog During the past 20 years, the end-of-life care community has devoted its energy, resources, and time into developing the medical sub-specialty of palliative medicine and promoting integration of palliative modalities into treatment of advanced illness. Progress continues toward twin goals of providing relief from […]

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/ May 15, 2017

Maine doctors softening stance on [medical aid in dying]

This post is from the Portland Press Herald.  For much of his medical career, Erik Steele didn’t think he and his fellow doctors should help terminally ill patients get the medicine that could kill them. “When you make these decisions, you will make mistakes, whether it’s capital punishment or physician-assisted suicide,” he said, recalling his […]

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