Status of Medical Aid in Dying

During 2023, medical aid-in-dying legislation was considered but unfortunately was not agendized for this year’s health committee. 

In 2023, both the House and Senate had identical medical aid-in-dying bills (SB1646 and HB2583).   

In February 2023, the House version of Arizona's medical aid-in-dying bill (HB 2583) had a second reading. The Senate version (SB 1646) was assigned to both the Senate HHS committee and the Senate Rules committee. Unfortunately, they did not make it onto the agenda; however, both bills got considerably more attention than in previous years, so momentum is building.


Polling Data

By a two to one margin, Arizonans feel that allowing doctors to legally prescribe lethal drugs to help terminally ill patients end their own lives should be an end-of-life option in the state. See more polling data.

Tools and Resources

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