In 2020, we continue to grow our grassroots supporter base with events across the state that educate and empower residents of the District to chart their own end-of-life journey.

In February 2017, the D.C. Death With Dignity Act became law, and D.C. became the seventh jurisdiction to authorize medical aid in dying. Since then, Compassion & Choices has been fighting Congressional and administrative challenges to the law. The 2018 House of Representatives funding bill sought to repeal the Death with Dignity Act through the Harris Amendment. Compassion & Choices worked to get the amendment dropped in the Senate version and prevailed! However, our opponents are relentless and may try again in next year’s spending bill. Compassion & Choices is remaining active and vigilant in defending the law.

In April 2018, we held a Day of Compassion to raise awareness about the problems baring eligible patients from being able to access the law. This led to significant changes in administrative rules, making access easier. Compassion & Choices continues to wage an access campaign to ensure that all eligible D.C. residents are able to access medical aid in dying if they choose.

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