The Compassion & Choices Volunteer Network is working to grow Pennsylvania’s volunteer infrastructure to educate the public, empower healthcare consumers and advocate for expanded options at the end of life. Currently, Compassion & Choices has 22,000 supporters. We need more volunteers and action teams to help advance the end-of-life choice movement there — sign up today!

As a volunteer with Compassion & Choices, you’ll join thousands of dedicated supporters who want to transform the medical systems in this country and give people the options they want and deserve to chart their own end-of-life journey. Compassion & Choices is dedicated to improving care and expanding options for the end of life. Volunteers work diligently to build grassroots support for end-of-life liberty.

Action teams are a critical part of Compassion & Choices. Pennsylvania has one statewide action team. They bring together and train other volunteers to coordinate outreach efforts to local officials, and educate communities and health professionals. Pennsylvania was one of 40 states in which Compassion & Choices provided policy and technical assistance to state officials or their offices in 2017-2018. If you’re interested in starting an action team in your town or city, please click here.

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