FreeWill: August is National Make-A-Will Month

At Compassion & Choices, we’re committed to ensuring each individual we serve is empowered to chart their end-of-life journey on their own terms. We also wish to extend this same care and support to the compassionate supporters that make our efforts possible.

August is National Make-A-Will Month, and when I learned that nearly 67% of American adults don’t have a legal will in place, I knew this was an opportunity to ensure our community was aware of this important resource.

Thanks to Compassion & Choices’ partnership with FreeWill, members of our community can use this online estate planning tool to write their legal will — at no personal cost.

Create My Free Will

Why estate planning? No matter what your “estate” includes, everyone needs a plan. Having a legal up-to-date will is a powerful way to protect your loved ones, make important decisions about the future on your own terms, and support the causes you value permanently.

Why FreeWill? FreeWill is a trusted, secure resource that helps remove the financial hurdles and time constraints that often surround this important life task. To date, 550,000+ individuals have used their platform to write a legal will and obtain peace of mind for the future.

Watch the video to learn more about FreeWill and the impact of having a legal will:



I recognize that this resource might not be the right fit for everyone, as everyone’s estate planning needs are different. But if you’ve not yet had the opportunity to think through your plans for the future, I hope this can be a good starting point.