Thank you to our 2022 Event Captains:

Nancy Betker
Susan Breed
Roz Byrne
Matthew Collins
Missy Fleming
Leslie Lawrence
Mariah Riess
Ann Schwartz
Frances Shelton
Lil Smith
Hilary Strayer

2022 Tributes:

Judith Auberjonois in honor of René Auberjonois
Constance Besotes in honor of Margot Biestman
Pongsuwan Bilmes in honor of Dr. Jacob M. Bilmes
Jan Bowen in memory of Bill Bowen
Linda Bracken in memory of Dorothy Bracken
Tom Bretz in memory of Betty Bretz
Sue and William Burton in honor of Emily Melton
Annie Caro in honor of Margot Biestman
Kim Chasen in honor of Marian Moiseyev
Jane Cowles in memory of Sage and John Cowles
Dr. Richard Crowder in memory of Alice Crowder
Stan Curtis and Ann Childers in memory of Cody Curtis
Ron and Adrienne Dare in memory of Louise Hall
John Darman in memory of my mother Eleanor and brother Richard
Dan Diaz in honor of Brittany Maynard
Kendall Dudley in honor of Frieda Lawrence
Randi Edison in memory of Marion Jonker
Marlin and David Feldman in honor of and celebration of our friendship with Naomi and Peter Rosenblatt
Russell and Sara Foszcz in honor of those who did not have a choice
Constance Freeman in honor of Jane C. Freeman
John Graves and Dennis Lonergan in honor Jane Sanders
Allyne Hammer in honor of Patrick Oliver Gizzi
Alan Hartstein in honor of Doris Hartstein and Marjorie Nester Neadell
Peggy Heiman in memory of Fred Heiman
Thomas Herlihy in honor of Constance Herlihy
Gail Hershowitz in honor of Phylis Cohen
Jamie Hormel in memory of Geordie Hormel
Lydia Inghram in memory of my sister Ellie Kaye
Irene Jackson-Brown in memory of my parents Robert and Dorothy Jackson
Karen Jefferson in memory of Lois, Nings and Maxine
Sarah Kattus in memory of Jack Horbaniuk who took his life while waiting for MAID
Jim Kelly in memory of Jack Kelly
Jemma Kopel in memory of Leroy Kopel
Silas Kramer in memory of Kathleen Buckley
Leslie Lawrence in memory of Frieda Lawrence
Bonnie and Kenneth Lockard in honor of K. Wayne Lockard
Ann Marie Marchetti in memory of Theodore Wazenski
Gail Marculescu in memory of William Lipcon
Joanie Marks in memory of Brooke Milen
Vi Matlin in honor of Nisan Matlin
Susan McCullough and Jay Carpenter in memory of Jane McCullough
Mary Jane Milano in memory of Jeff Milano-Johnson
Friedhilde and Robert Milburn in memory of Renate Wilms
Robin Moler in memory of my mother Nancy Moler
Nancy Most Estate in honor of Karen Morin, with gratitude
Martha Mumma in memory of Judy Purdy
Shelley Nelson in honor of James L. Nelson
Pamela Newman in memory of Capt. Robert Earl Newman
Catherine Nichols in memory of Dick Collett
Barb Oakes in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Oakes
Teresa Osburn in honor of Karen Mollett
Kira Philips in memory of Clare Philips
Kate Philpot in memory of Shari
Liz Powell in honor of Martha Castriotta
Laurie Pross in memory of my mother Irene Pross
Heidi Rankin in honor of Jacque Lee
Margaret Reed in memory of Gayle Twiname
Kelly Rice in honor of Douglas Rice
Peter Rosenthal in memory of Beth B. Rosenthal
Peter and Beth Rosenthal in memory of Beth Rosenthal
Eric Ruby M. D. in honor of Arthur L. Ruby, M.D.
Julie Salkind in memory of Merna Margil
Ann Schwartz in honor of Vivian Margolis Schwartz
Jerome Soble in honor of Dr. George Blum's birthday
Rita Stern Milch in honor of Robert Milch
Graham Summerlee in memory of Thomas E. Summerlee
Linda Takai in honor of Donna Takai Fujinaka
Terrell VanAken in honor of James L. VanAken
Marcia Vincent in memory of Dr. David Vincent
Pam Wald in memory of Ben Wald
Bev and Ron Wasserman in honor of Nancy Wasserman Hoyt
Priscilla Bernard Wieden in memory of Dan Wieden
Cate Wolff in memory of Vandana Pramhas
Kathy Wright in honor of Pam Lajiness
Lindsay Wright in memory of Youssef Cohen
Catherine Wyler in honor of Margaret Tallichet Wyler