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The power of personal stories to inspire and drive change is undeniable. That’s why Compassion & Choices would like to invite you to join our new initiative to create a network of stories and storytellers to help educate and empower those seeking the best possible healthcare.

Do you have a story to tell about difficulties you’ve experienced with our current healthcare system or tools that helped you overcome obstacles? We are particularly interested in the experiences of caregivers, those nearing the end of life, or those suffering from serious and/or terminal illness.

Click here to share your story or the story of a loved one. We will treat each story with respect, and will not share publicly without your permission.


Recent Stories

/ August 25, 2017

Finishing the Life: The Points of William Stubing’s Last Year

By Ronald Thomas Ronald Thomas and biomedical ethicist William Stubing were married in 2013. The following year, William,who had been an ordained priest and who remained active in the Episcopal Church, began experiencing severe pain from both diagnosed (spinal stenosis) and yet to be diagnosed (terminal stage Creutzfeld-Jakob disease) medical conditions, which led to many […]

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/ March 31, 2017

Ray’s Story

Ray Perman already had his aid-in-dying medication in hand when he invited Compassion & Choices into his home in December 2016 to share the easy-to-understand process he followed to obtain the prescription and the great peace of mind it gave him just knowing it was there. He later took the medication surrounded by loved ones […]

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/ February 16, 2017

I Hope I’m Wrong

I hope I’m wrong. It seems to me that in spite of a general population that is strongly (70% or so) in favor of Death with Dignity legislation, the current political mood might be too contentious and too distracted to favor personal rights issues. Still, here in Maine we are gearing up to try again […]

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