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The rapid and significant progress to advance end-of-life options is due to your commitment to take action ... and the dedication of more than 65,000 Compassion & Choices volunteers nationwide. We have tools, tips and team resources here to support your activity. However, wherever and whenever you want to get involved, we have what you need. Together, we are making a difference. Thank you for taking action in your community.


Welcome to the Compassion & Choices Volunteer Resource Center, your
one-stop shop for volunteer information and resources. On this page, you
will find everything you need to get going as a Compassion & Choices

The Volunteer Resource Center provides direction and resources that are
focused on five programmatic tracks that Compassion & Choices has
identified as the most pressing for volunteer support:

  • Medical Aid in Dying
  • Federal Policies and Programming
  • Truth in Treatment
  • Public Speaking & Storytelling
  • Access Campaign

Get Started

Once you have signed up to volunteer with Compassion & Choices, watch
and read through the resources below to learn more about volunteering at
Compassion & Choices and about the issues we work on, and, if you are
asked to do so, to sign the Confidentiality Agreement and Volunteer
Media Policy.

Get Going

Now that you have a basic understanding about how you can get involved with our work, let’s take a deeper dive. Think about which of the programmatic tracks are most interesting to you, and review our training documents. There is a handbook and training webinar for most tracks.


Resources for Taking Action


Volunteer Brownbag Archives

The National Volunteer Brownbag Series is a free hour-long educational conference call that features leaders in  the end-of-life options and care movement talking about important and timely topics. These sessions are geared towards volunteers and provide both the most up-to-date information and ongoing suggestions and tips for how you can incorporate these topics in your volunteer activities.
National Volunteer Brownbag calls take place on the first Wednesday of every month at 12pm Pacific time, 3pm Eastern. If you have already signed up to volunteer with Compassion & Choices, keep your eyes peeled for email invitations to RSVP to future Volunteer Brownbag calls!

Here is the most recent Brownbag Call:

  • April 2017, Staff Attorney Jonathan Patterson, who discussed our efforts to protect existing medical aid-in-dying laws and authorize medical aid in dying through the courts.

Download audio files of past Brownbag speakers here:

Quarterly Action Bulletins

Once you’ve reviewed the training materials and have a more comprehensive understanding of the end-of-life care and options issues we work on, get started today by reading through the most recent edition of our Quarterly Action Bulletin!The Quarterly Action Bulletin is designed to let you know exactly what you can do to help the end-of-life options movement right now and give you the resources you need to to be effective. Every volunteer opportunity on the bulletin will push our movement forward and will prepare you for future advocacy.
Winter 2017 Quarterly Action Bulletin
Fall 2016 Quarterly Action Bulletin

Hosting a House Party

“Hosting a house party is a really invigorating, interesting, insightful and fulfilling experience. You get an opportunity to host an event where you can create a warm, inviting and safe environment for your guests to share their experiences with end-of-life issues. A house party gathering allows you to invite just the right amount of people. It can be small and intimate enough to encourage your guests to express their deepest feelings and concerns about the issues Compassion & Choices is so adept at handling. You also get a chance

to learn new aspects about the people and friends you thought you knew everything about. It’s a fascinating and rewarding way to educate people about what Compassion & Choices does, its goals, achievements and plans for the future.”

– Joan Hoberman, J.D., LL.M., Westwood, CA

Here are some helpful resources that you can use to plan your own House Party.

  • House Party Host Handbook
  • House Party Templates
  • House Party Donation : Simplify the donation process at your house party by leaving your computer or tablet opened to this page so that your guests can donate quickly and easily online!
  • Materials Request Form: This is one-stop shopping for all the materials you might need for hosting a house party, from copies of the most recent C&C magazine to Truth in Treatment Palm Cards to brochures to thank you cards. It’s as simple as asking (2-3 weeks prior to your party) and you shall receive!