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Advance Directive

Get the Care You Want – No More, No Less.

Increase your own peace of mind and provide it to your family members by explaining what healthcare you would prefer if severely injured or terminally ill. Share these preferences before a medical crisis. It will ensure you get the care you want – and only the care you want. Find your advance directive in the drop down menu in the right hand column of this screen.

National Healthcare Decisions Day, April 16, but any day is a good time to begin those discussions.

Everything you need is right here.

  1. Get the advance directive form for your state (in the right hand column of this screen): An advance directive is a state-specific set of documents including a living will (“what I want”) and medical durable power of attorney (“who will speak for me”) that outline your end-of-life preferences. Consider also downloading our Good-to-Go Resource Guide for ideas, inspiration and information on thorough, effective end-of-life preparation.
  2. Compassion & Choices developed the following resources to augment your advance directive for specific circumstances:

    Dementia Provision

    This includes language one can add to any advance directive that advises physicians and family of the wishes of a patient with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

    My Particular Wishes

    This informs your physician, nurse or other care provider of your consent or refusal of certain specific therapies.

    Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Rider

    Do you live in an assisted living facility (ALF)? Hope to stay there to the end? Use our free contract rider and ensure your home is suited to your choice.

  3. In addition, you may find it useful to download and complete some of these other documents:

    Sectarian Healthcare Directive

    This addendum clarifies that admission to a religiously affiliated facility does not imply consent to care mandated by the institution’s religious policies and directs a transfer if the facility will not follow the preferences in an advance directive.

    Values Worksheet

    This worksheet includes questions to consider as you make decisions and prepare documents concerning your healthcare preferences.

    Hospital Visitation Form

    This gives unmarried couples hospital visitation authorization from their partner.

    A Letter to My Doctor

    Find out if your doctor will respect your end-of-life wishes now, before it is too late.

  4. Compassion & Choices works to ensure that advance directives are honored by all healthcare providers. Some patients’ wishes are ignored, and they receive invasive, painful and fruitless medical treatment at the end of life.  Help us stop unwanted medical treatment. Download our toolkit.

    Unwanted Medical Treatment Toolkit

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