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Advance Planning/Good-to-Go

Making plans and communicating them is absolutely necessary to ensure we get what we want – and avoid enduring anything we don’t – at the end of life, even if we’re unable to speak for ourselves.

Compassion & Choices offers a variety of resources right here to help you through the necessary steps, and our EOLC staff can even assist you with them.

Your Advance Directive

An advance directive is the all-important set of end-of-life planning documents that include a living will (“what I want”) and a medical durable power of attorney (“who will speak for me”) that outline your end-of-life preferences. Each state has its own forms and guidelines, which are available in our handy widget in the right column. Additionally, there may be other forms that apply to you that you will find by clicking the link below, including the popular, Dementia Provision. Learn all about these essential planning documents and how to complete them here.

Good-to-Go Guide and Toolkit

Download our Good-to-Go Resource Guide (click here) and Good-to-Go Toolkit (click here) for ideas, inspiration and information on thorough, effective end-of-life preparation.

Alternative Families Resources

Prepare for the additional barriers faced by unmarried couples and families who don’t meet traditional definitions here.

Did You Know?

You do not need a lawyer to fill out an advance directive. In most states you simply need to sign them in front of the required witnesses.

Even if you have completed an advance directive, you should review it periodically to ensure you are using the most current, state-approved forms, and that they still reflect your wishes. If you have any questions, call our toll-free number for assistance at (800) 247-7421.

There’s More You Can Do

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Advance Directive by State

Select your state from the list below and you will be directed to the best resources available to help you with your healthcare planning needs.