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Colorado will continue its conversation about death with dignity leading up to next year’s legislative session.

On February 6, the Public Health Care and Human Services Committee in the Colorado House of Representatives heard 11 hours of testimony on a death-with-dignity bill introduced by Reps. Court and Ginal. Despite 68% public support and a key endorsement from the Denver Medical Society, the committee voted 8-5 against the bill. C&C and the legislation’s sponsors understand that a bill’s first hearing is the beginning of a necessary public conversation. We expect the bill authorizing aid in dying for terminally ill Coloradans to be re-introduced in the 2016 session, and will continue building grass roots and public support with help from passionate advocates like Julie Selsberg.

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Colorado State Approved Advance Directive

If your end-of-life plans aren’t in place yet, download and complete the following Advance Directive.

Letting Go with Dignity – A Short Film About End-of-Life Planning

The Colorado chapter has produced a film entitled Letting Go with Dignity, which presents a real-life situation when a medical crisis leaves the patient, her children, and the emergency room doctor unsure of what to do because the family had never discussed their mother’s end-of-life medical treatment wishes. The film is followed by five brief discussion segments that invite viewers to think about their own end of life concerns and how to overcome the barriers in communicating those wishes. Eventually the film, along with a moderator guide, will be produced and made available to those interested in conducting a workshop on end-of-life planning in their communities. The film and discussion segments can be viewed free of charge here.

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