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kress at hearing
Dr. Eric Kress waits to testify in opposition to HB 505

We won the battle to keep aid in dying legal in Montana!

After a tense legislative session, the Montana Senate tabled HB 505, a bill that would have imprisoned doctors for up to 10 years for providing aid in dying to terminally ill patients. Thanks to our outstanding local campaign team and advocates, including bold spokesperson Dr. Eric Kress, Montana remains the third state with legal aid in dying.

Montanans were guaranteed this right in the 2009 Baxter et al v. Montana case, when the Montana Supreme Court held that the state constitution protects a peaceful death with dignity.

Since then, we’ve engaged the Montana Board of Medical Examiners to integrate aid in dying as a part of standard medical practice, despite opponents’ attempts to stop it. Focused community organizing throughout Montana has caused an increase in patients talking with their doctors. More and more doctors are willing to engage, and pharmacists are securing access to the necessary medication.

As seen with HB 505, or “The Physician Imprisonment Act of 2013,” opponents continually threaten to undermine Montanans’ right to access legal aid in dying. But Compassion & Choices’ on-the-ground advocates will keep fighting to fend them off.


Dr. Eric Kress is porfiled by the New York Times

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The Supreme Court’s 2009 Baxter decsion made Montana one of the few states to allow aid in dying. Now, some groups won’t stop untill they take that right away from us.
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