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Tremendous public and legislative enthusiasm in New York helped launch a campaign and get a bill introduced within a few months’ time.

A death-with-dignity bill has been introduced in New York. Responding to strong interest among lawmakers in Albany and brisk growth in our New York grass roots, Compassion & Choices decided to commit campaign resources to the Empire State. We quickly partnered with a highly respected State Senator and made sure she met with Brittany Maynard’s widow, Dan Diaz, when he was in New York in January. State Senator Diane Savino and co-sponsor Sen. Brad Hoylman introduced the New York End of Life Options Act in the state legislature in February and are currently building legislative support for their bill.

News: Compassion & Choices Partners with New York Lawmakers to Introduce End-of-Life Options Act


Compassion & Choices Advance Planning Guidance

Comprehensive guidance on advance planning, including for those facing dementia, from Compassion & Choices is available here.

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The New York State Department of Health has state-specific end-of-life planning information available here.
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New York State honors Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment; the forms and information are available here.

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