End-of-Life Choice, Palliative Care and Counseling

New York

Compassion & Choices New York is the leading organization in the state working to improve and expand end-of-life care and options to ensure a humane and peaceful death with dignity.

With a primary focus on support for dying patients and their families, Compassion & Choices presses for state-of-the-art pain and palliative care, promotes and enforces healthcare proxies and living wills, and advocates for legal aid in dying with careful safeguards for those who are terminally ill.

What We Do

Our Patient Support Program serves anyone who may be facing the end of life or even just planning ahead. We offer opportunities for those with a terminal illness to talk openly and honestly about their concerns and options, including aid in dying, with their loved ones.

We also provide information, counsel and support to individuals facing the end of life. We talk with patients and their families about pain and symptom management and hospice care, and suggest ways they can address concerns with their doctor. For those who are terminally ill and express an interest, we may discuss safe, effective methods for hastening death as an option of last resort.

Compassion & Choices New York pursues legal and legislative reform to ensure a patient’s right to a peaceful death. This includes implementation and enforcement of advance directives, pain and symptom management, and legalization of aid in dying. We encourage continuing education for healthcare providers and urge disciplinary action for physicians who undertreat pain.

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New York Advance Directive

If your end-of-life plans aren’t in place yet, follow the link below to find the most recent forms and resources for end-of-life planning.

Contact Information

Contact our Compassion & Choices-New York executive director, David Leven, at 914.907.6156 or david@compassionandchoicesny.org to learn more about what Compassion & Choices New York is doing and how you can help.

To learn how you can get involved with Compassion & Choices please contact volunteers@compassionandchoices.org via email or call 800-247-7421.

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