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Compassion & Choices is helping guide legislation that will make aid in dying accessible to terminally ill residents of Connecticut.

With support from its co-chair, the joint Judiciary Committee in the legislature is likely to take up a death-with-dignity bill in early 2015. Currently the Connecticut team is working with supportive lawmakers on the bill’s language. With increasingly positive media coverage of aid in dying in and an aggressive grass roots, progress continues towards passing a bill.

The Fight for Aid-in-Dying in Connecticut

This wonderful video was created by Thomas Evans with special thanks to Dr. Gary Blick, Gloria Blick and former Deputy Speaker Betsy Ritter for their advocacy on behalf of end of life choice.

Our Connecticut team came closer than ever to passing an aid-in-dying bill last legislative session.

Compassion & Choices continues to work with supportive lawmakers and committed activists in the state to be in a strong position for the next round. Contact our Connecticut campaign manager, Tim Appleton ([email protected] or call 800-409-3137), to learn how you can help right now!


Connecticut Advance Directive

If your end-of-life plans aren’t in place yet, follow the link below to find the most recent forms and resources for end-of-life planning.

C&C Connecticut Printable Post Card

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Supporters Call for Passage of Compassionate Aid-in-Dying
Legislation in Connecticut

Understand more about death with dignity laws by examining where they have been in use for years.

Connecticut Voters Support Aid in Dying According to Bipartisan Polling

See the Connecticut residents respond to questions about aid in dying.


Contact Information

Contact Tim Appleton, Connecticut Campaign Manager, via e-mail ([email protected]) or call 800-409-3137 to learn more about what Compassion & Choices is doing in Connecticut.

To learn how you can get involved with Compassion & Choices please contact [email protected] via email or call 800-247-7421.

Contact your elected officials.

Call an End-of-Life Consultant 800-247-7421